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Thursday, 6 November 2014

Life can be busy....sometimes

Maple Garden Quilting Studio wants to say a big warm heart felt "hello to all." 

It has been a while... (be nice, no yelling), we are got in the way.

Yes, it's true, and there is really no clever inventive way we can say why we were busy.  You know the drill every day life can be busy and get in the way, dang-it!  As you all know when this happens everyone jumps into survival mode and we all plug along...we'll we are guilty for sure.

NEWS:  Our studio is now home to the "Sugar Shack Sisters," a group of ladies who meet regularly with a motto of  "no kids, no men, no dogs, and be nice! 

Yes, we all are committed (in many ways) to our respective spouses/partners, kids and dogs, and we love them all, but not in the studio, cause it is for "chicks" only), and "yes" we get into some real stitch'in and bitch'in, but we like it that way!  It all helps with the creative process!

We're putting together an update of what  we've all been up to over the past while (okay, we know it's been awhile, again be nice, no yelling...unless it comes along with some sweet treats...then we'll let yah wail til the cows come home) and well post it shortly.

Hugs from everyone at the ....

Maple Garden Quilting Studio
...home of the Sugar Shack Sisters

Tuesday, 15 October 2013

Work in progress - You've Got Mail

A failed project - recycled.

Summary:  took a class - double wedding ring, selected these fabrics along with some others and when they were cut once sewn and then cut again and sewn. Talk about a dogs breakfast so to speak. 

I liked all the fabrics I selected but they looked terrible in this pattern.  It just was not working so I threw away the blocks I did, and saved all the blocks I had already cut up into 10 inch squares.

I recycled them into making this block called "you've got mail."

I found this pattern on the Internet and think it's a really fun block.  So you can see I've made quite a few blocks, and arranged them into the mail blocks I liked.

It's a work in progress, and I hope to get the top all pieced and together tomorrow.  I will keep you posted.

Quilt til you drop,


Sunday, 13 October 2013

I Won, I won - yes I'm doing the "happy dance"

My lucky lucky win... a fabulous door prize made and donated by Bonnie for the FVMQG Meeting....

Bonnie, here is your fab table runner on our dining room table. We used it as our centre piece for our Thanksgiving Dinner tonight and our guest's loved it.

I am still doing the "happy dance" on my win.  I feel so lucky.  You are a very talented lady and I will cherish this table runner forever!!!!

Here is the back of the table runner for everyone to check out her fantatic quilting. The back is a design and picture in itself. 

Sorry I just can't seem to get this picture the correct landscape way, so it's portrait, but you get the idea.  the quilting is amazing as I mentioned.

I hope you all like it too, and again  a big big "THANKS YOU" to BONNIE!


PS: I'll be looking forward to crossing my fingers for the win, when she donates another door prize for sure.


Saturday, 12 October 2013

What I did on my Summer Vacation.....Drumheller, Alberta - The "largest Dinosaur" in the World - Go see it!

"Welcome to Drumheller"...the whole town is crazy for anything's all about these prehistoric creatures including of course "T-REX, and other various status of them scattered around town wherein they are engaged in having some fun.... (my hubby in the picture).

flowers anyone...

...please take me for a ride in your side car

Dinosaur's, Dinosaur's, and more Dinosaur's...  Drumheller, Alberta is home to the world class Royal Terrell Museum - and as they say;

                        "The Royal Tyrrell Museum is a popular Canadian tourist attraction and a leading centre of palaeontological research noted for its collection of more than 130,000 fossils."  

Just a few pictures above, but you could take thousands, as it just keeps getting better and better as you travel though the museum displays.

There are lots of hotels motels etc, but if camping or RV'ing stay at the Hoodoos RV Resort & Campground  the staff are friendly, the showers clean and tidy and good laundry facility as well.  It is located along the Red Deer River and the "hoodoo's" are just down the Highway.

You can not explain the Hoodoos better than what the Royal Tyrell Museum states; and it's another must see while in Drumheller.  Their site explains the Hoodoos;


Recognized as one of Alberta's most popular and identifiable geological formations, hoodoos were formed by the effects of erosion caused by water, wind, and frost. 
Check this website to learn about Drumheller, and all there is to see and do there.  You'll be impressed as I was. This website gives you some insite into the great adventures available to see and experience.

To visit Wayne, you must cross over 11 one way bridges and don't forget to stop off at the "Last Chance Salon",  it is full of nestalga! 
Have fun planning your next vacation to Drumheller, Alberta.
I'm thrilled we went.

Wednesday, 28 August 2013

Needle Book

Okay, let's face it, I'm late, very late on the FVMQG - Needle Book Swap.

Boo Hoo as I could not participate because I was away, but I did get the needle book finished on time!

But was unable to get it handed in, as I had an opportunity to go out of town in our motorhome for 2 months.

Sorry ladies need I say more.  I was packed and ready to go in a flash.  Yup in about 10 minutes I was ready, willing and able to go, and had my sewing machine packed with me to finish other "UFO's."

I am sure the "Needle Book" swap was awesome, and I look forward to hearing about it when I return.  I am sure there were some awesome needle books swapped.

Here is the one I made, but did not get swapped, so maybe I'll give it in as a "door prize" or something fun like this.

I make it like a wallet and filled it with pages made of wool.  I like wool, it is the first time I have worked with wool.  Fabulous colors are available. 

A little accessory "needle" I found in my travels.

This is an awesome buttom made by the "button lady" on Pender Island. They are made from Ceramic. It went so well with the colors of wool pages in the book. Check out the wonderful buttons Wendy makes at

Ah yes...the little thimble and needle threader too!

Wednesday, 7 August 2013

Blog list ....what should I follow next!!!

Blog, Blog, Blog....

Okay let's talk blog's...who should I follow, what do I like, what interests me, and what can I learn from a blog..that's my criteria for snooping, following, watching, or what ever you want to call it!  Blogs are GREAT!

Super Great if you ask me (okay, you are right, no one was asking, I'm just saying).

I will speak only for myself, everytime a see new blog, I get excited.

I like to change up the "list" of blogs I follow, it's not like buying a new pair of shoes. They  don't all start off great,, and then end up awesome, sometimes it's the original ones you liked that come full circle and are back on your "list of blogs I follow."

There are so many FANTASTIC blogs out there, you can continually be inspired and in awe of what these wonderful people are doing, and or saying in their blogs!

"Thank you" to all these  incredibly talented people who love to SHARE!   You are appreciated, and keep up the good work.  I thank you for sharing your talents, loves, and dreams etc, with who ever is reading your blogs, and me too!  You are in essence making someone else smile, laugh and/or learn while reading your blog (they make me smile too!).

Being that I am new to blogging there is just too much to learn in my lifetime, so I plug along with what I know (not much when it comes to blogging).

I seem to be searching and reading more and more various types of blogs and want to share some of them with you.

Go ahead, step out on the wild side and check some of them out.

Explore....the world of blogs.

Check out the following blogs (maybe you already follow them);   she created an awesome "dinosaur word" quilt for her kids - really cool   Amanda seems to present all things beautifully  Wow, what an artist   Ree is always up to something!  I've been watching here for a long time, and she lives on a working Ranch (check out her dog)....  She's got it going on!   Yikes she's good at rejuvinating old junk (as she states).

Have fun, and don't forget to forward any of your favourites I should check out.

Happy blogging to all.

Monday, 5 August 2013

My "Moosin' You" Quilt Finished - ready to ship

I finished the quilt I made for my brother Brent -  "Moosin' You"

Here are some pictures of the final quilt, which I will ship out tomorrow to him.  Hope he likes it.


The back
The "Moosin' You"  Label on the back.